Camp Curriculum and Activities

The Core Four

The Core Four, the heart and soul of our programming, are 4 activities designed to break down the barriers we have created between ourselves and the natural world. We start with basic outdoor skills to build a strong foundation for exploring and appreciating nature at an entry level. We then move through a progression for expanding these skills.

By building on these outdoor skills and incorporating our core values, awareness, responsibility and leadership, campers gain confidence and self-reliability as they begin to choose their own adventures (in camp and in life).

Friends Of The Forest

May The Forest Be With You

Have you ever had a “sit spot?” A place to sit and listen to the forest? The forest has many things to say if you are listening and can understand its language! In this activity, we will observe wildlife and their signs and tracks. We will check our game camera during the day to see what wildlife is moving about at night. We will explore wildlife, fish, birds, streams, identify different trees and plants and more!

Maps And Compass

North, South, East, West

We will introduce map reading, how to use a compass and orienteering (going from one point to another). Using a map that shows hills, rivers and valleys, you will determine your location, where you want to go and how to get there. Navigating from point A to point B isn’t always a straight line! Can you find your way?

Let’s Go Camping

Tents Under The Stars

In this activity we will learn what to pack for an overnight camp-out. We begin with canoe camping and hiking to sites on our camp property, where we will pitch tents and make camp with just what’s in your backpack. Seasoned campers will advance to canoe camping and backpacking trips off camp property. What is essential and what can you do without?

Survival In The Wild

The Forgotten Skills

Ever wonder if you could survive in the woods if you had to? Learn to build and start a campfire using different methods …can you start your fire with only one match? You will learn backcountry communication using basic trail signs. Mindset is important to surviving in the wilderness as we explore the importance of shelters, fire making, finding water and food. We will test our skills one night in our own handmade shelter!

Other Activities

InnerWild Girls Program:

Since its inception in 1964, Roaring Brook Summer Camp has been a boys camp. We initially honored this tradition when we took over, but this year we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a girls program! Introducing InnerWild!

InnerWild follows the same basic programming as the boys program, including our CORE FOUR as well as other activities, with some adaptations to suit girls. Our operating principle is adventure by choice. We meet all campers - girls or boys – where they are at. We encourage campers to try the activities based on their comfort level, but we never force a camper to try something they aren’t comfortable trying.

InnerWild campers will have the opportunity to swim, canoe, kayak, paddle board, cook over a campfire, try archery and riflery if they’d like to, ride bikes on our trails (beginner – advanced), sing songs and do some cool arts and crafts...and more!

2020 marks our first official girls program. To kick off the program and get the word out, we are offering a one week session, August 2 – August 8. A special rate applies as we pilot our first ever girls program at Roaring Brook Summer Camp!